County Fair Services

We are more than just your grocery store - we offer several extra services:

  • Carryout to your Car
  • Gift Cards
  • Catering Services
  • Banquet Hall
  • Copier
  • Gift Baskets
  • Motorized Carts
  • U.S. Stamps
  • Money Orders
  • South Dakota Lottery
  • Refunds/ Exchanges
  • Cigarettes
  • We accept SNAP, WIC, Discover, Mastercard & Visa
  • Store Tours Arranged
  • Special Orders
  • Local Event Tickets
  • Cashing Local Payroll Checks

Unlimited Double Coupons - Coupon values at County Fair are double on those up to and including $.50. The coupons cannot be 'free' coupons, cannot be for tobacco and liquor, and cannot exceed the price of the item when it is doubled. Double coupons are based on product availability and are good on vendor coupons only. See stores for details.

County Fair Food Stores Grocery Giveaway – Give you a chance to win a gift card just for being a County Fair customer. All you need is to ask your cashier for a County Fair member card that you scan weekly and you’re ready to win big. When you sign up and scan your card each week you become eligible for the drawing. If you card has been scanned and it’s your name we draw that week you win. The Grocery Giveaway is never less than $200.00 and increases each week until won. GET YOUR CARD TODAY!!

Click here to view our catering and banquet hall menues.

Taylor Grace, Front End Manager - Taylor has been with County Fair since 2012 and is here to assist you with your shopping needs.

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